Thank You Australian Haydn Ensemble

Thank you Australian Haydn Ensemble for making the Society's concert on Friday such a memorable night. Your Boccherini, Haydn and Mozart works were elegant and joyous, full of crystalline beauty. It was a performance that showed masterful technique, panache and warm rapport.

Tony Burke from ClassikON came to the concert. You can read his review on the ClassikON website. "Welcome debutants", "faultless", "sensitively played" were some of the words he used to describe the performance.

These are our favourite pre-concert rehearsal photos.


simone slattery 

 Simone Slattery rehearsing Haydn


James Bush

 James Bush rehearsing Mozart. 


James Bush

James Eccles rehearsing Mozart.  James is playing a viola made by Hiroshi Iizuka in 1992.
It is a unique model in viola d'amore style.


Matthew Greco

Matt Greco rehearsing Boccherini. Matt is playing a violin made by David Christian Hopf,
1760, Qwittenbach


Melissa farrow

Melissa Farrow rehearsing Mozart. Melissa is playing a period flute, made from grenadilla
wood by R. Tutz after H. Grense, 2001 (copy of c.1830 Dresden model) in Innsbruck.



Australian Haydn Ensemble Rehearsal Collage



                                    Photos and text: Charmain Boyakovsky