The Magnificent Seven

They strode onto the Concourse stage last night. They met the challenges. They stamped their authority on the music. They were commanding. They were magnificent. They were the Sydney Soloists.

Their programme might have seemed like a happy diversion on a winter’s night with the sparkle of Haydn, the joy of Mozart and the exuberant happiness of Beethoven. It was these things and yet so much more. They gave the music excitement, energy and vigorous muscularity.

Tony Burke from ClassikON came to the concert. You can read his review on the ClassikON website

These are our favourite rehearsal photos from the night, 7 July 2017.

Sydney Soloists perform Beethoven

             The Sydney Soloists rehearsing Beethoven's Septet for Winds and Strings


              Andrew Haveron 2

                                           Andrew Haveron - Beethoven Septet


Sydney Soloists winds

            Robert Johnson, Todd Gibson-Cornish and Francesco Celata -  Beethoven Septet 


               Kees Boersma Double Bass

                                             Kees Boersma - Beethoven Septet


 Sydney Soloists Strings

          Andrew Haveron, Roger Benedict and Umberto Clerici  - Beethoven Septet


             Umberto and Francesco

             I magnifici due: Umberto Clerici and Francesco Celata  - Mozart Clarinet Quartet


              Andrew Haveron and Roger Benedict

                          Andrew Haveron and Roger Benedict -  Mozart Clarinet Quartet 


Andrew Umberto and Roger  

            Andrew Haveron, Umberto Clerici and Robert Johnson - Haydn Divertimento a ttre


                Robert Johnson 

               Robert Johnson recently retired as principal horn in the Sydney Symphony
               Orchestra. Andrew Haveron asked “Why? The way he handled the high notes
               and low notes in the Haydn Divertimento prove he’s still the master!”


Roger Benedict alone

                                        Roger Benedict warming up before rehearsal


              Umberto Clerici and cello

                                          Umberto Clerici - Mozart Clarinet Quartet


                                           Photos and text: Charmain Boyakovsky