Thank You Sophie and Kristian

Violinist Sophie Rowell and  pianist Kristian Chong are two of Australia's leading musicians. Both are highly sought after in Australia and overseas as soloists, chamber musicians and recording artists.  Frequent collaborators, their performances together are marked by  warm rapport, sensitive interpretations and masterful technique. Their performance for Sydney Mozart Society on 27 September 2019 at the Concourse was no exception!


           Rowell and Chong 600 w 400 h


Their performance of Mozart's K 301 sonata flowed beautifully, with graceful exchanges between piano and violin. In Beethoven's Op. 23 sonata, their timing, agility and balanced tones were impressive as they brought out the contrasting moods in the work -  from the witty and charming to the dramatic and forceful. Kristian Chong performed Mozart's K. 570 piano sonata with great subtlety and finesse. Their concert came to an exhilarating close with Saint-Saëns' sonata for violin and piano in a performance that captured its rich Romantic style, its tender intimacy and dazzling virtuosity.

Tony Burke from ClassikON came to to the conecert. "The playing of the duo was immaculate, both in accuracy and feeling." he wrote. You can read his thoughts about the concert programme and performance in his article on the ClassikOn website.


                                                                                                                  Charmain Boyakovsky